QQ music 2013 beat the secret to change it


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QQ music 2013 beat the secret to change it
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In the coming year,QQ musicWill the heavy pound launched a new version. According to the official micro-blog news,QQ music2013 to celebrate the New Year Trailer page has been released. I have the honor to the online version, experience after the unable to hold oneself back to uncover its mysterious veil. Celebrate the new year in the 2013 edition of UIDesign, frame structure, functional experience made many improvements, after the new revision.QQMusic also looks more fashion sense. Below, let us together to see it.

More fashion: design the new UI framework

All the time, "simplicity" is the QQ music to the most direct impression we leave in UI design and layout. And the release of QQ music 2013 celebrate the New Year Edition, in the framework of the compact degree and UI degree of refinement, compared with the previous version 2012 has made great improvement and try something new, and more prominent fashion sense.

Start the QQ music 2013 celebrate the New Year Edition, first is the visual change, the new QQ music made a major adjustment in the structure, content and layout of each plate to the integration and regulation, plate position is more reasonable and more convenient search. In particular, QQ music playing interface also made a bold attempt, before playing operation interface in the upper left corner of the shift to the lower interface, so the operation is more convenient, but also makes the whole interface looks more stylish.

QQ music
Figure 1

In addition, QQ music 2013 celebrate the new year in the details of the design of UI also many optimization, button, icon, a floating layer, text, and so different, no matter the user operation in the interface or who are more comfortable.

More accurate: the new "discovery", "school" two big channel

For the music application, in addition to providing massive music library to meet the needs of users of certain songs search demand, there is a core part of music, is recommended to more precise ways to users, to help users find their love of music.

QQ music has millions of original music library, how to let the user in the massive music Amoy to their love songs, QQ music constantly explore new products through the rich function, to meet user customization. QQ music 2013 celebrate the New Year Edition of the new "discovery" channel, it is to explore the data mining of music recommendation based on again. "Discovery" channel recommended data mining algorithm deeply and based on past behavior, recommend the day's most popular new music for the user, and a selection of the user may be interested in various types of music. The author bold conjecture, in future versions, QQ music may be introduced into the social graph, based on the social relations for more accurate music recommendation.

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